Digital Marketing Services

Hire a Digital Marketer

Web Design & Analytics

  • Design, build and code your website from zero to one.
  • Afterwards, I can track and analyse your website data. We’ll use this data  to improve your Digital Experience and your Conversion Rates.  
  • CMS mostly used : WordPress, Wix, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Webflow, CMSimple. 

Online Advertisements

Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads are still impressive tools to spread your message quickly. 

My ads campaign are creative and respect strictly your budget. The results for you, 

  1. Increase your website traffic and your conversions. 
  2. Increase your brand awareness. 

Copywriting & SEO

  • Optimize your websites ranking on Google & Bing (SEO).
  • Audit, Training and Application on site. 
  • Moreover, I love to write SEO related stories (between 800 to 3000 words). 



Bloomind Workflow



Our creative minds find new ways for you to communicate.



We propose a digital strategy for the following months based with data and KPI’s to reach.



From the paper note to our laptops, your idea’ll virtually bloom.



Continuous optimizations to reach maximum results. 

For bigger projects, I like to surround myself with other Bloominders

Social Mind

Social Media Content Creator

Monika Deribert

Social Media Content Creator

Artistic Mind

Graphic Designer | Web Design

Amanda Kobus

Graphic Designer | Web Design

Marketing Mind

SEA | Digital Strategy

Killian Geleyn

SEA | Digital Strategy

Digital Projects – Portfolio & Business Cases

Hire a Digital Marketer

Bureau Conseil Paquet

Web Design | Digital Strategy | Graphic Illustration

Hire a Digital Marketer

Mentally Fit Institute

Web Design | Digital Strategy | Social Media Content | Emailing

Hire a Digital Marketer

Domaine de Toussacq

Search Engine Optimization | Google Ads

Tags Language Solutions

Content Creation | Illustrative Video & Social Media Posts

Solvay Business School - Website Project

Solvay Brussels School

Digital Strategy | Google Ads | Web Design

Next Action to Bloom.

You start your online marketing from scratch.

Let’s create,

  • Online Marketing Strategy to get your project off the ground. 
  • A Visual Identity that resembles you. 
  • A Website which attracts attention and drives growth. 



You want online visibility & growth.

We invest for you in the best growth acquisition channels, 

  • Social Media Content Creation (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest) 
  • Create SEO-friendly Content to generate traffic,
  • Reshape of your Website for better conversions & Google Rankings optimization,  
  • Launch Online Ads (on Google, Youtube, Facebook & Instagram)