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70 Habits You Can Do To Improve Your Life and Productivity (2022)

Arthur Guiot qui avance dans la vie

As I entered my quarter-life crisis, I realized that there were a lot of habits I could improve to become a better person.

I decided to rethink my habits, attitude, and work organization from top to bottom. I read a lot. I thought a lot. I wrote a little.

The 70 tips that follow this article are the product of that rethinking. This article is humbly addressed to young people who want to improve their life and the efficiency of their work.

  • If any of the tips inspire you, I would be honored 👌
  • If they don’t, feel free to ignore them.


  • As for me, I will try to apply 70% of those good habits for 2022.
  • There are still a lot of resolutions that concern my relationships (partner, family, friends). For privacy reasons, I won’t share them here.



  1. Make a morning to-do list
  2. Count 5 sec and go for it
  3. Call instead of texting
  4. Make your bed
  5. Prepare your clothes in the evening
  6. Organize your home ➡️ Minimalism
  7. Sleep at 12pm, wake up at 7am
  8. Respect a watchlist for movies and series


  1. Be diplomatic
  2. Smile!
  3. Put your ego aside 
  4. Silence is your friend
  5. Say thank you & sorry when you mean it
  6. Don’t try to have the last word
  7. Don’t look for the guilty
  8. Don’t constantly seek the opinion of others
  9. Don’t look for recognition from others
  10. Write three things you’re grateful for
  11. Failure is progress, own your mistakes, keep going ➡️ “When we have no head, we have legs


  1. Read for 15 minutes a day ➡️ “Leaders are readers
  2. Download continuously content (e-books, Udemy, podcasts, YouTube)
  3. 1% better every week
  4. Continue to write thoughts
  5. If you don’t feel it, don’t do it
  6. Define a 3-year action plan
  7. Share your knowledge
  8. Content Consumption < Production


  1. Drink 2x water bottles/day
  2. Eat 3x fruits/day
  3. Always leave a supermarket with fruits or vegetable
  4. Drink tea (no coffee or soft)
  5. Avoid junk, processed food
  6. Eat salty food in the morning
  7. Eat light in the evening
  8. No alcohol, drugs, meds
  9. Take care of your posture
  10. Stand up every hour
  11. 20 push-ups, 30 seconds plank after shower
  12. No food with >12g sugar



  1. If a task < 2 min ➡️ Do it now
  2. Choose your One Thing per day
  3. Break your week into 10 half-days
  4. Toggle your work
  5. Set up recurring appointments
  6. Learn to say “no” ➡️ Refuse once a week
  7. Say no to meetings
  8. Check your email, WhatsApp 11am, 2pm, 6pm


  1. People > Process > Operation
  2. Surround yourself as best as possible
  3. Keep it short and simple
  4. Learn to delegate
  5. Don’t become a control freak
  6. Don’t do other people’s tasks
  7. 3x/week ask for feedbacks or give appreciations
  8. Acknowledge your limitations
  9. No office gossips

Stress management

  1. Calm down
  2. Write letters that you won’t send
  3. Close your eyes and breathe
  4. Sleep on your big decisions
  5. 1 day a month alone for yourself
  6. Ask yourself whether what you’re doing is worth it
  7. Meditation – 30 min/week
  8. Yoga – 1h/week


  1. Manage your spending
  2. Separate business and personal bank cards
  3. Invest in experiences
  4. Split the bill
  5. Invest 30% income a month on shares, crypto, ETFs
  6. Develop side businesses

Content that I discovered in 2021 and that I would recommend

  • The Subtle Art of Not giving a Fuck – Mark Manson
  • Everything is Fucked – Mark Manson
  • 21 Lessons for the 21st Century – Yuval Noah Harari
  • She Comes First – Ian Kerner
  • Workaholic ! – Giles Daoust
  • Podcast – Le coeur sur la table
  • YouTube Channel – Thinkerview
  • YouTube Channel – Arte
  • YouTube Channel – Kurzgesagt
  • YouTube channel – Stupid Economics