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  1. Claudia
    13/01/2021 @ 21:44

    Very good and complete article. ROI in Brussels is hardly 3-4% , investing in bitcoin / shares is going bigger and better.

    Small correction for who has no other knowledge of investments:
    – banks are giving easily loans for freelancers. I received it. My friend single mom too.
    – the small interest offered by banks are pushing down the monthly mortgage comparing to rents. More, after 5 years is getting better as mortgage is smaller thanks to renegotiations and rent is raised with annual indexation.
    -there is tax deduction. Ok, rules are changing, this tax deduction makes the difference between buy or not
    -you can push your home to produce. As owner you can make house greener with 1% loans and green subventions, finally the cut of the bills to cover the small loans, or to declare professional activity at home (speaking for freelancers)
    – the house price raised in time in Brussels . Look for last 15 years, or only 5 years. With a good hunt and better negotiation, buying with a price under market is going to be a very well business
    -mortgage is an investment without money. Some banks are still offering 110% mortgages. For some people is the only investment, once effort (the buy year effort) and then payment is replacing rent. 6 years ago I did my best as I knew nothing about investments, now we are in the FIRE group.


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